please choose all irational thx ^_^

Accepted Solution

Answer:Here is a note to help you: Most numbers are rational numbers. Here is how you know when a number is rational or not [especially if its a decimal].Rational: - Decimals are usually rational. Rational decimals my look like this:1) 0.252) 0.333333333...3) 0.234234234234234234...The following above are rational because they either: terminate or repeat. That being said, 1) terminates, and 2) and 3) repeat because the pattern of 2) is just 3's, and the pattern of 3) is 0.234 over and over again.Irrational:- Irrational numbers are numbers that don't repeat, and don't terminate. The next examples are irrational:1) 0.234536718092343...2) 8.123456789023452574794832468...3) 1723456.4356784794954233690422...- They go on forever and ever, and don't have a pattern/terminate like rational numbers. Now that you've got that in the bag, its time for your answers!Step-by-step explanation:A) rational --> It has a pattern, but does not terminateB) rational --> It terminatesC) irrational --> it does not have a pattern, even if it does terminateD) rational --> when you solve it, the answer is 2, and 2 is rationalE) irrational --> it does not have a pattern, but does terminateI hope I helped you! This took forever, but it was worth it! :DPLEASE MARK BRAINLIEST!