In an analysis of a poll of 800 Quebecers, 28% thought that the province of Quebec should separate from Canada. Another poll of 500 Texans found that 18% thought that the state of Texas should separate from the United States. a) In the sample of 800 people, about how many Quebecers thought Quebec should separate from Canada? In the sample of 500, how many Texans thought Texas should separate from the US? Round to nearest integer. Quebec ___________Texas ________________ (b) In these two samples, what is the pooled proportion of Texans and Quebecers that want to separate?Round your answer to three decimal places. p-hat:_____________ (d)Give the test statistic and the p-value. Round your answer for the test statistic to two decimal places and your answer for the p -value to three decimal places. Test Statistic:_______________p-value: ____________

Accepted Solution

Answer:a)Quebec:224 Texan:90This was the only one I knew sorry if it wasn't helpfulStep-by-step explanation: